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Photographic heritage

Manfred Tischer has been documenting Art and Artists in and  around Düsseldorf, mainly in the years 1958 to 1985. He had devoted his life to portraying the Art-Scene, both in his beloved Düsseldorf and internationally.

Manfred Tischer deceased on 22.02.2008, the photographic heritage is being managed by his sons, please see the contact details here. His huge archive is being digitalized and step by step more photos will be available on this website. Please check regularly for new content, or sign in for the newsletter-update.

Manfred Tischer has been documenting Artists from the 1950´s to 2000.
Unobtrusiveness and competency were his special recipe in documenting art and artists, many Artists became friends, and the frequent parties at the Tischer home, arranged by his wife Erika were well known and well attended. We as his sons inhaled art and were submerged in the art scene; we saw it as perfectly normal but enjoyed it nevertheless.

His beloved Leicas, the most silent cameras at the time gave him the perfect tool to do what he liked most, portraying art and artists, registering situations, but allowing him to blend in so perfectly that it seems that he became part of the room.

With his eye for people and situations he always managed to register all important people, all situations, and even in his late 80s, he could name every person on every photo flawlessly. The archive is not only his heritage, it is a unique place, a piece of history in itself, congealed time, people and the pure unique spirit of art.